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1.2 The Business Rules: The rules and regulations of the Organization, as amended from time to
time. A copy of the Club rules will be supplied to you with your application for membership and further
copies will be made available on request.
1.3 Commitment Period: The minimum term you are committing to remain a member of the
Organization from the Start Date of to the commitment period end date of ????? (subject to extension
if your membership is suspended).

  1. Associate :
    1 By signing this Membership Application Form the member agrees to comply with these Terms and
    Conditions of Membership and the Organization Rules.
    2.2 You will only be permitted to use the Organization facilities provided your membership is current
    and fully paid up or you have made payment arrangements acceptable to the Organization..
  2. Associate Categories:
    The Organization offers different categories of Associate ship which are set out in the Organization’s
    information sheet. Your choice of category on joining will determine the fees you pay and any
    restrictions that may apply to your use of Organization facilities.
    You may change to any other available Associate ship category by giving one
    month’s notice to the Organization.
  3. Duration:
    When you join the Organization you are agreeing to remain a member for the Commitment Period. If
    you choose to pay your Associate fees monthly, your Organization membership will continue
    automatically after the Commitment Period end date at the fee rate applicable to your membership
    type and category of Associate at that date, but subject to termination in accordance with
    paragraph 8.2(b). If you choose to join the Organization by paying your Commitment period
    membership fee in advance, your Organization Associate will terminate automatically on expiry of
    the Commitment Period.
  4. Fees:
    The Organization will set the level of fees and will review such fees periodically. The Organization
    reserves the right to change the level of fees from time to time, but guarantees that your fees will not
    increase during your Commitment Period.
    For any changes to the monthly fee, we will give you at least 30 days written notice. The following
    fees prevail:
    Associate fee; The level of membership fees shall be determined according to the type and
    category of membership.
    5.2 Joining fee; A joining fee is payable as specified in your application form. Your joining fee goes to
    start up costs.
    5.3 Guest user fee; A fee will be set by the Organization from time to time in respect of guests of
    Associate who wish to visit the Organization and use the facilities.
    5.4 Other Fees; All other fees and prices for the sale of goods at the Organization, locker rental and
    any other services will be set by the Organization from time to time.
    5.5 If your bank fails to make a due direct debit payment from your account, we will write to advise
    you of this. We may apply to your bank for payment by direct debit twice within one calendar month
    and we reserve the right to refer any missed due payments to a debt collection agency. We may
    charge a fee of no more than £15 for failed direct debit payments and of no more than £5
    for letters sent to you in respect of unpaid amounts.
    5.6 Should any Associate fees not be paid within 30 days of the due date, the full Associate fee
    for the remainder of the commitment period will automatically become due and payable in full.
    5.7 Any unpaid and overdue membership fees referred to a debt collection agency will be subject to a
    surcharge of no more than £30 to cover the collection costs incurred. This surcharge, together with all
    other charges and legal fees incurred in the collection of the overdue membership fees, will be
    the responsibility of the Associate and will be legally recoverable from the member.
    5.8 We may appoint a payment processing agent to receive and collect your
    monthly or annual direct debit instalments and in respect of payments made by direct/credit card.
    There will be no extra cost to you for these processing services supplied by such agent.
    5.9 We may charge a reasonable fee of up to for any of the following: replacing lost membership
    cards, removing or adding Associate members, changing Associate category and transferring
    Associate ships.
  5. Active Referral Scheme:
    The Organization operates a referral scheme whereby you will receive a financial benefit for
    introducing new Associateto the Organization.
    1 If the Associate you introduce joins on a Direct Debit Associate, you will receive the benefit
    timely (in arrears and after the first Direct Debit payment has been made by the referred member)
    against your account or your monthly Direct Debit fee, with the following conditions:
    a) You will only receive this benefit if your Associate ship, and that of the referred member, are both
    b) You will only receive this benefit if the referred member's membership is not suspended.
    c) The amount you benefit is fixed at the time of the referred member joining the Organization. This
    will only change if the member you refer changes their type of Associate ship, in which case the benefit
    you receive may be increased or reduced accordingly.
    d) The Organization may set a limit as to the number of members you are able to refer.
    e) The benefit will be applied to your Associate ship for a minimum period of 12 months as long as the
    referred member is still a paying member.
    6.2 If the member you refer joins on an annual Associate ship, you will receive the benefit due against
    your account or your monthly fee as one lump sum upon the referred member joining the
  6. Access Control:

1 This information is solely used for access control; it provides a cost effective, secure and non
transferable solution to preventing unauthorized access to Organization
7.2 The information is fully encrypted and is securely managed by a third party IT company, it cannot
be seen as a picture and cannot be transferred to any other reading device to determine the identity
of an individual. The Organization terminates the membership.
.7 .3 Associate ship Terms and Conditions and will entitle The Organization to terminate membership
without notice in accordance.

Organization Rules:
8.1 The Organization may amend the Organization Rules from time to time in order to ensure the
health and safety of members. Temporary amendments will be displayed in the Organization
.Permanent changes to the Organization
Rules will only be made after at least 30 days notice to members, except in the case of emergency.
8.2 The Organization Reserves the right to adjust the availability of certain facilities or close the
Organization on a temporary basis for the general purpose of cleaning, decorating, essential repairs,
maintenance of equipment, special functions and holidays.

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